Ahmedena Records collector and DJ composed in Saudi Arabia. 

He Made his concepts of sharing tracks through meaningful Tales, and some times Hangsout with them. 

Mostly plays these genres; House, minimal, Electronica, funk, garage

Art and Culture digger.



Started as Indie tracks playlister since ages.

Found him self into the grooves early 2020, so stepped up into it while keep Indies in the heart.

Inspired from very first underground party experienced, where witnessed how people gathers solely for sake of music 

since then he spares a lot of his time in exploring Records, grooves and feels composed story behind it.. Until then to the collection <3.

Passion takes him beyond collecting till found himself into DJing and mixing different records genres.

From that he started showcasing live sets with Tales and Hangouts concept series

Moreover as a side interested in documenting conceptual, cultural, and contemporary venues and document it.


That's me :)

Tales Series

Showcasing live sets as meaningful tales, with curated captured artworks.

Journalizing moments through curated mixed tracks.


Hangout Series

Showcasing and document hangounts in random visited places with a live sets. 

Memorizing lovely places/hangouts through music

Portable battery powered setup built for this series